Through our musical teaching at Glynne Primary School we aim to provide children with the tools to become confident listeners, composers and performers. All pupils listen to a wide range of music in school as well as accessing live performances from professional musicians throughout their time in school.

We encourage children to express their own thoughts and feelings about the music that they hear, engaging in conversations to increase their knowledge and understanding of different traditions and composers. Children create their own music, experimenting and improvising, using their voices as well as a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments; performing individually and in ensembles.

Performing as part of a group is an important aspect of our musical education as it encourages team work, developing both their music skills and their communication skills. Through a variety of different performance opportunities, we allow children to become confident and expressive performers and encourage them to showcase their talents.

We aim to foster a love of music for every child, meeting their needs and following their interests, whilst ensuring progression throughout school.