We pride ourselves on our ‘irresistible’ learning journey led curriculum.  This approach enables children, teachers and parents to be excited about learning through a curriculum that is inspiring, motivating and stimulating but above all memorable.

We want our children to:

  • become lifelong learners
  • delight in learning new things
  • have the opportunity to practise and further develop knowledge, skills and understanding
  • apply learning in different contexts and in a wide variety of situations
  • be inquisitive, to ask questions, to explore, to investigate, to create, to imagine, to design, to think.

Through this immersive approach our children are continually challenging and developing their literacy, maths, science, history, geography, ICT, art, DT and music skills. Our curriculum is a school strength and what we offer children at Glynne takes them on an educational journey of excitement, wonder and discovery.

Our curriculum encompasses cross curricular learning, which is led by a number of rich and carefully selected key texts. From these texts we weave a journey of learning which encompasses not only the National Curriculum requirements but also our own school curriculum. Children at Glynne have the opportunity to live amongst the Tudors, sail the oceans and continents on board a pirate ship, battle against dragons and knights whilst living in a castle, and rocket into outer space!

We want our learning to be irresistible!

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